Hands on Computer Keyboard

SpeedType fills the bill and does the job in all circumstances

 I am seeing the results of less repetitive stress from typing day after day at the keyboard. It’s a lifesaver.

Thanks, Nancy

Customer Service

Thank you so much for your help getting up and running

 I am very happy with the software, and it has been a real boost to productivity

Have a great day!  Judy

Woman on Her Computer

How did I ever live without this software

I LOVE IT - and it works with all my software. This is very exciting.

Thanks so much, Mindy

Coding Station

I absolutely LOVE this program. Thank you, SpeedType

Thank you, SpeedType, for being so helpful and patient with my conversion.

You're the best, Jessie

Call Center Employee

SpeedType is absolutely great!

This is a great program, easy, quick, and uncomplicated, and unlike the competitors, great customer service! My old abbreviations were converted and off I went with no disruption —a true lifesaver.

Great product, Danny

Smiling Man on Laptop

Absolutely thrilled with SpeedType.

It sets up easily. SpeedType integrated itself with all my programs, especially audio players of all types and MS Word using templates. The system doesn't hang. Workarounds are a thing of the past.

Thank you, Paul