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  • How can I learn the SpeedType™ system on my own?
    SpeedType™ offers a thorough online course found at www.speedtype.com/shop choosing either the medical or legal course option. This is a 30 day window to complete this course with an awarded Certificate of Completion at the end. This secures that you have mastered macro or abbreviation expansion technology skills.
  • I have lost my dictionary!
    Click on the SpeedType™ main screen at File/Open. Click on your dictionary file name and click Open. Then click on File/Save.
  • I transferred my dictionary from my USB backup drive into the newly installed SpeedType files but it does not stay there. Why?
    Your SpeedType™ dictionary must always reside inside the path of c:\st10 on your PC. Do not use a dictionary file from a backup drive which can produce a dysfunctional outcome.
  • How do I preserve my SpeedType™ dictionary file/files for secured future use?
    SpeedType™ files are regular Windows date files. Choose your method of backup, i.e. to a cloud account, backup drive, or even email it to yourself to reside inside your email Inbox for recall later. However, you will need to update or preserve the backup copy often to have your most current entries. The SpeedType™ system already defaults to the Windows Save mechanism at File/Preferences/Operation anytime you make a modification inside your current dictionary file.
  • Can I copy/paste entries from one dictionary into another inside the SpeedType™ system?
    Yes. SpeedType™ capitalizes on the Windows clipboard mechanism. Copy/paste a block of consecutive entries, or one at a time. Right click on the blocked text and left click Copy. Left click on the dictionary tab at the bottom of the SpeedType™ main screen where you wish to move those entries into. Right click inside the Description side and left click on Paste. The blocked text, or chosen entry, will instantly be transferred alphabetically listed by Keyword names.
  • How long does it take to learn SpeedType?
    SpeedType takes less then five minutes to begin using. The more you use the product the more proficient you become.
  • What does "universal abbreviation expander system" mean?"
    SpeedType works whereever your cursor is flashing inside all Windows operating system programs and on all Window operating system versions. Works in all: - Word Processors - Email Applications - Web Browsers - Transcription Platforms - And much more...
  • Does SpeedType work on a Mac OS? iOS, AndroidOS? ChromeOS?"
    No. It is designed for the Windows operating system and can't be used on other operating systems.
  • How do I get support?
    SpeedType offers in depth support through the software embedded user manual at its toolbar Help/Content and website Support page. If you need additional support you can contact 800-577-6665. Customer support is available to all SpeedType users between 8:00 am - 7:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.
  • Did you find your answer?
    If not, send your direct question here or direct to betsy@speedtype.com.
  • How much does the system cost?
    You can purchase SpeedType in our Shop linked at the top of this page. Purchase price depends on the type of license needed.
  • What do I receive upon purchase?
    When purchasing SpeedType, you will instantly recieve a download link which includes the installation files. A large Windows Help file is also included with the software for quick Search. Please follow the instruction in the Installation Guide on the Support page to recieve your license key.
  • How many machines can I install the system on?
    SpeedType is sold on a per machine basis.
  • What is SpeedType’s refund policy?
    Refunds are subject to the SpeedType Terms of Use policy.
  • Can I have more than one abbreviation list?
    Yes, SpeedType allows you to have an unlimited number of abbreviation lists called dictionaries.
  • Can old or current macro lists be imported?
    Yes, SpeedType offers conversion services which can be purchased in the Shop link above.
  • Do I need to adjust my security settings?
    Depending on the virus protection software and/or web browser you are using you may need to adjust the settings to allow SpeedType to operate correctly. See our Compatibility Document on our Support page.
  • How do I add to my SpeedType dictionary?
    It is as easy as selecting the word, sentence, or paragraph and hitting Ctrl + Ins + Ins and designating the new shortcut in the DIctionary Add window. Additional ways can be found in the provided user manual.
  • Does SpeedType offer volume discounts?
    Yes, SpeedType offers bulk pricing for corporate and government clients. Contact 800-577-6665
  • Does SpeedType offer site licenses?
    Yes, SpeedType works with clients of all sizes to meet their individual needs. Contact 800-577-6665
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