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About SpeedType

SpeedType was founded in 1999 by CEO Betsy Ertel. It was her goal to bring to the transcription marketplace a superior word expander program to help transcriptionists do their job more accurately and efficiently. Over the years SpeedType has continued to improve and root itself in the transcription industry. It has become the leading word expander and is unmatched in quality, ease of use, and value.


SpeedType provides many services to the transcription and court reporting industry such as tech support, online training and macro list conversions. If you would like SpeedType to speak at your business, school, or conference please contact us at your convenience.

SpeedType Dictionary File

SpeedType Medical/Legal Transcription Software is an innovative macro expander that was designed to work with Microsoft Windows. SpeedType operates similarly to the old DOS expanders with newly updated and superior functions. The program will expand your short forms inside all Windows applications, even e-mail, instant messaging boxes, Facebook, LinkedIn, and chat rooms. It allows the creation of multiple macro dictionary files. It's so easy to master that it has a less than 5 minute learning curve! This program was created initially for the medical and legal industries. However, with Windows apps and social media booming, SpeedType is a guaranteed method to save keystrokes across Windows and alleviate typos working at your keyboard. SpeedType is fast, efficient, keeping productivity the goal. 

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