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Upgrade Only
To purchase and qualify for the Upgrade version, you must first be a previous licensed user. The Upgrade version requires a fresh install with a newly assigned license. Those steps will be contained in the media download file. SpeedType Version 10 is optimized for use on all Windows systems as well as Office 2016 and Office 365.


SpeedType Version 10 for Windows - Upgrade


    If you purchased a SpeedType license please follow Step #2 in the Installation Guide located at https://speedtype.com/support to receive your registration key.  If you have a trial version of SpeedType or are a user of SpeedType 9 or earlier you must uninstall the program from your computer before installing the full version of SpeedType10.  To preserve your personal dictionary files please follow the backup steps in Part B of the SpeedType Helpful Tips document located at https://speedtype.com/support.

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