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You will be connected to the SpeedType online course within 1 business day receiving your logon credentials. There is a 30 day window to complete this course with your initial logon. This online learning option covers the basics of using SpeedType from a legal perspective, setting up and modifying word lists with general usage for inside the Windows operating system. You will acquire confidence and valuable skillsets for word expansion technology after mastering this course. 



I had heard about the text expander program called SpeedType from some practicing legal transcriptionists.  After downloading the trial version and spending some time with it, I realized that this is a must-have software if you are in legal transcription.  Being the cautious person that I am, I still wanted further proof that this was the text expander for me, so I purchased the SpeedType Online Legal Course on the website before committing to purchasing the program itself.  The course was filled with useful information on how to best use the program.  Once I completed the course, I went and made the purchase for the software itself and am very excited to begin expanding my libraries.  By the way, having unique libraries for different situations is absolutely invaluable as an organizational tool.  I highly endorse SpeedType if you are in legal or medical transcription.


Lisa Woods

SpeedType Online Legal Course


    If you purchased a SpeedType license please follow Step #2 in the Installation Guide located at https://speedtype.com/support to receive your registration key.  If you have a trial version of SpeedType or are a user of SpeedType 9 or earlier you must uninstall the program from your computer before installing the full version of SpeedType10.  To preserve your personal dictionary files please follow the backup steps in Part B of the SpeedType Helpful Tips document located at https://speedtype.com/support.

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