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Convert your existing macro lists, i.e. MS Word AutoCorrect/AutoText, WP Quick Correct, Shortcuts, Abbreviate, with many other named list options for use inside the SpeedType application. This is provided as a one time service. Convenient backup preservation is encouraged for the converted file as SpeedType generates regular Windows data files (.spf).

CAT Dictionary Conversion


    If you purchased a SpeedType license please follow Step #2 in the Installation Guide located at https://speedtype.com/support to receive your registration key.  If you have a trial version of SpeedType or are a user of SpeedType 9 or earlier you must uninstall the program from your computer before installing the full version of SpeedType10.  To preserve your personal dictionary files please follow the backup steps in Part B of the SpeedType Helpful Tips document located at https://speedtype.com/support.

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